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13 Common Spanish Idioms

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

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If you want to sound like a native, then it is important to learn Spanish idioms. When students are fluent in Spanish, conversational Spanish classes are geared towards mastering the language at a deeper level. These Spanish classes become about achieving an understanding of the Spanish language that goes beyond grammar. One way to do this is learning Spanish idioms.

As a Spanish teacher, I incorporate Spanish idioms in my curriculum for conversational Spanish classes. Not only they will help students in their goal of continuing learning Spanish, but also, they are a lot of fun! Students really enjoy learning the meaning of Spanish idioms, we always get a good laugh out of them. Here are 13 common Spanish idioms that you can start using:

1. Irse por las ramas English: To beat around the bush

2. Echar una mano English: To give a helping hand

3. Meter la pata English: To put your foot in it

4. Agarrar (a alguien) con las manos en la masa English: To catch someone red-handed

5. Ser pan comido English: To be a piece of cake

6. Estar en la luna English: To be daydreaming

7. Ser la oveja negra English: To be the black sheep

8. Tirar la toalla English: To give up

9. Tomar el pelo English: To pull someone’s leg

10. Hablar por los codos English: To be a chatterbox

11. Tener los pies en la tierra English: To be down to earth

12. Tirar la casa por la ventana English: To spare no expense

13. Hacer borrón y cuenta nueva English: To have a clean slate

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