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Private Spanish Lessons near me

Disclaimer: this site contains affiliate links, this means, I may earn a small commission if you purchase through those links, at no extra cost to you. I am a small business owner and this helps me to keep this website running, thank you for your support!

Private Spanish Lessons

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Private Spanish lessons will provide you with the one-on-one guidance needed to learn a second language. These Spanish classes are customized to your specific way of learning and to your particular needs. We will move thru the program at a pace that is comfortable to you, ensuring you are being successful at your goal of reaching a conversational Spanish level. 

Spanish Lessons For Beginners

If you’ve never taken Spanish classes before and want to start learning Spanish, these Spanish classes will provide you with a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You will start writing and reading Spanish in no time and before you notice it, you will be speaking Spanish too!

Intermediate Spanish Lessons 

If you have taken Spanish lessons before in high school or college and have learned the basic concepts of the language, these Spanish classes will help you review and solidify that foundation and then continue to move forward in the learning process. In these intermediate Spanish lessons, you will start writing and reading in Spanish and before you notice it, you will be speaking Spanish fluently too!

Advanced Spanish Lessons

If you have taken Spanish classes before and have a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, we will work on the aspects of Spanish that you need to reinforce in order to take you to the next level, which is conversational Spanish!.

Spanish Textbooks

Students will need to purchase a book series called Living Language Spanish Complete Edition , if they are signing up for beginner Spanish classes, intermediate Spanish or advanced Spanish classes. I have been working with these books for many years and I am pleased with their program.  

Students that sign-up for Conversational Spanish classes or Spanish for Travelers don't need to purchase any materials.

TIP: Prices change over time, click on the book to see current prices.

Spanish Reference Books

A Spanish reference book that I recommend to all my students to support their learning process is Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs. Fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs, these can be a very challenging aspect of learning Spanish. I find this book to be a complete conjugation guide. 

Spanish Immersion 

As a Spanish teacher, I always stressed the importance of working on our Spanish listening skills. There are 20 countries that speak the language, therefore, there are a lot of accents that students need to be exposed to. During my classes, I love working with Yabla Spanish Immersion Videos. I complement my lessons with these videos and their exercises, it is a fun way to keep students engage in the learning process. 

Spanish Immersion Denver

Private Spanish classes also include:

Conversational Spanish classes, Spanish for Travelers, Spanish Now, Spanish Tutoring & more!

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