Spanish Grammar

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Spanish Grammar

The following resources are general resources that are offered to support you with additional online educational information. The following is not meant to be a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of the content of the sites.

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Spanish Textbook

I have been working with a book series called Living Language Spanish Complete Edition for many years and I am pleased with their program. I utilize these materials in my Spanish classes for beginners, intermediate Spanish and advanced Spanish classes.

TIP: Prices change over time, click on the book to see current prices.

Spanish Reference Books

A Spanish reference book that I recommend to all my students to support their learning process is Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs. Fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs, this can be a very challenging aspect of learning Spanish. I find this book to be a complete conjugation guide.

Spanish Dictionary

When it comes to Spanish dictionaries, I advice my students not to rely on electronic dictionaries such as Google Translate, SpanishDict, etc. While they are very practical sources, what I find as a Spanish teacher is that they aren't always reliable. Here is one dictionary that is a trusted and comprehensive resource to learn Spanish. You can find more recommendations under the Spanish Dictionaries section.

Spanish Immersion

As a Spanish teacher, I always stressed the importance of working on our Spanish listening skills. There are 20 countries that speak the language, therefore, there are a lot of accents that students need to be exposed to. During my classes, I love working with Yabla Spanish Immersion Videos. I complement my lessons with these videos and their exercises, it is a fun way to keep students engage in the learning process. 

Spanish Classes Denver

Practice Spanish with Apps

One of the most asked questions that I receive as a Spanish teacher is what apps do I recommend to practice Spanish. Babbel is the app that I would recommend, it is designed by pros, it offers lessons with realistic scenarios designed by over 100 linguists and practice with exercises that brings back everything you’ve learned. And it is also efficient, reviewing lessons only takes 10-15 min.

Babbel will provide you with a great opportunity to practice Spanish and will complement your studies from your Spanish classes.

Babbel Spanish

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