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Conversational Spanish Classes

"A foreign language is like a frail, delicate muscle. If you don't use it, it weakens” 

Jhumpa Lahiri

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Conversational Spanish Classes

 Conversational Spanish classes are designed to put into practice all your knowledge of Spanish. Ideally, you have already taken Spanish lessons (intermediate Spanish and/or advanced Spanish lessons). The focus of the Spanish Conversational classes is to help you become fluent, enrich your Spanish vocabulary and enlarge your range of expressions. With these Spanish speaking classes taught by a native Spanish speaker, your pronunciation and intonation will naturally improved.

Full Spanish Immersion

I am a native Spanish speaker, which gives me a deep understanding of the cultural implication of using Spanish. From slangs to cultural do’s and don’ts, my goal is to make you comfortable using Spanish. An important element in the process of learning Spanish is learning the culture. By directly connecting and interacting with me, you will have complete access to this level of knowledge. Spanish immersion means you will be using the language as a native.

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Online Spanish Classes for Adults

Spanish Reference Books

A Spanish reference book that I recommend to all my students to support their learning process is Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs. Even when you learn Spanish conversational, our work with Spanish verbs isn't over! Fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs, these can be a very challenging aspect of learning Spanish. I find this book to be a complete conjugation guide. 

TIP: Prices change over time, click on the book to see current prices.

Spanish Slang

In my conversational Spanish classes, one of the topics I work on with my students is Spanish slangs or Spanish idioms. When you are at the Conversational Spanish level, it is important to learn a much more complex aspect of the Spanish language, which goes beyond grammar. By learning Spanish slangs or Spanish idioms, you will deepen your knowledge of the Hispanic culture and learn to interpret popular sayings in Spanish. I recommend The Red-Hot Book of Spanish Slang and Idioms, it has wonderful reviews.

The Red Hot Book of Spanish Slang.jpg

Yabla Spanish Immersion 

As a Spanish teacher, I always stressed the importance of working on our Spanish listening skills. There are 20 countries that speak the language, therefore, there are a lot of accents that students need to be exposed to. During my classes, I love working with Yabla Spanish Immersion Videos. I complement my lessons with these videos and their exercises, it is a fun way to keep students engage in the learning process. 

Conversational Spanish Lessons
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