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15 Spanish Podcasts to Listen to If You are Learning Spanish

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Spanish Podcasts to learn Spanish

Podcasts are here to stay! In this article, I am offering great suggestions for Spanish Podcasts that will help you in your journey of learning Spanish. They are a mixed of Podcasts that target Spanish students and others are Podcasts that a lot of us listen to! It will be a learning experience regardless, so consider adding them to your playlist.

Follow the life of undocumented Mexican chef, Cristina Martinez, whose Philadelphia-based barbacoa restaurant is now recognized among America’s 10 best.

2. La Biblioteca de Alejandría If you like things a little on the unusual side, give this podcast a listen. The hosts go into deep dives on the history and purported science behind oddities and strange phenomena.

3. Explicador As the Spanish title suggests, this podcast strives to explain to listeners complicated news stories from today’s headlines. It covers a wide variety of topics from environmentalism to medicine.

4. Alt.Latino While this is an American podcast from National Public Radio, all the songs that are featured are in Spanish. Most artist interviews are also in Spanish and then translated. Join hosts as they discuss new music and the history and culture of the countries they come from.

5. Cafe del Sur If you like ballroom dancing, specifically the tango, follow this podcast for a deep dive into the history of Latin dance and music. It features interviews, narratives, and of course, lots of music.

6. Universo Paralelo Every Friday, Universo Paralelo covers a different science-based topic. Think astronomy, physics, psychology and more. Also covered are science-based news headlines which are discussed in depth like the math behind electoral systems or fracking. 7. La Redada If you like pop culture, why not give it a listen in Spanish? The episodes are short and sweet at just 15 minutes each but pack a lot of fun pop tidbits into each one.

8. La Brega Through a mix of narrative storytelling and investigative journalism, this podcast paints a picture of Puerto Rican life on the island and here in the United States. Each podcast is recorded in both English and Spanish.

9.Doorway to Mexico Travel to Mexico with the Baxters as they explore local culture and immerse themselves in the Spanish language. Each podcast has a transcript, as well as a study guide, to help Spanish language learners develop their skills.

10.Nómadas Nómadas, produced by Spain’s national public radio station, is a travel show that takes listeners to a different part of the world every week and immerses them in the sounds, stories and voices of each destination.

11.Puro Cuento If you love a good story time, try one in Spanish! Radio Duna’s Puro Cuento features a new Spanish-language tale each week, accompanied by beautiful classic music. A Christmas Carol, A Pocket Full of Kisses and other recognizable titles are among Puro Cuento's vast library. If you don’t know Spanish, you still know the story and can follow along with the books you may have at home.

12.Latina to Latina Alicia Menendez, a journalist and MSNBC host, leads a series of interviews about "making it, faking it and everything in between." Recent guests have included Tiktok star Tefi Pessoa and Carolina Garcia, Director of Original Series at Netflix.

13.Tres Cuentos Literary Podcast Tres Cuentos covers a variety of topics, including science, history, geography and culture all narrated by Latin American authors. Each podcast is available in both English and Spanish so you can get the best of both worlds. This one’s best for teens and adults.

14.Yeah No, I’m Not OK Podcast host and Orange Is the New Blackstar Diane Guerrero understands that young people of color are disproportionately affected by mental health issues, so she uses her podcast to get a conversation going. The focus is more on openness and honesty and less about advice.

15.Eat Your Spanish Filled with interactive games, sing-alongs, funny characters and engaging stories, Eat Your Spanish is a fun way to learn the language that will keep you coming back for more.

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