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10 Best Shows To Learn Spanish On Netflix

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Best Shows to learn Spanish on Netflix

When learning Spanish, it is really important to incorporate activities to your daily life that you will enjoy, that way, you can ensure you will continue to do them. One of the many ways to create Spanish immersion for yourself is watching Netflix!

Here is a list of the best shows to learn Spanish on Netflix:

1. Ingobernable

It is a fictional political drama about the First Lady of Mexico, who’s falsely accused of murdering her husband. As she tries to uncover the truth, she faces threats and obstacles from the dangerous opposition.This is an intense action series for a higher level of Spanish.

2. Narcos

This American crime drama is the true-life tale of the rise of drug cartels across the world and local law enforcement teams’ efforts to deal with the issue. Narcos is also one of the best ways to learn Spanish on Netflix: The show, like the others that feature on this list, uses subtitles, so is a great way to pick up Spanish words and phrases while being thoroughly entertained at the same time.

3. Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

This is a very popular show, it is about eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan.

4. Made In Mexico

For the lovers of reality TV, Made in Mexico is an easy watch that’ll have you speaking and understanding Spanish in no time! Its largely ‘unscripted’ nature of the dialogue means that you’ll hear the sort of Spanish that’s spoken in the real world.

This series follows several wealthy socialites in upscale Polanco in New Mexico and is a fascinating look at Mexican high-society in a way that challenges some of the most prevalent stereotypes about Mexican culture.

5. Gran Hotel

Focusing on the lives of those who own, work for, or are guests at the Gran Hotel, this series is set in 1905 and will be a firm favorite for those learners who love all things Downton Abbey.

The cinematography is a joy to behold, and the series is so suspenseful that you’ll be gripped from the very first episode.

It is perfect for new learners to start gaining familiarity with the Spanish language and for those at an intermediate level to polish up their conversational and listening skills.

6. Elite

It concerns three students from disadvantaged backgrounds who gain entrance to an elite school on scholarships and is a mystery-thriller-high school drama mash-up that’ll have you wanting to devour whole seasons at a time - especially once the twist in the first series is revealed.

The series is perfect for general Spanish practice, too, and you’ll hear plenty of examples of fun Spanish slang.

7. Always a Witch (Siempre Bruja)

The show tells the story of Carmen, a young seventeenth-century witch who travels forward in time to present-day Colombia and has to make her way through the fantastical modern landscape she finds herself in while seeking a way back home.

The show features many characters with Colombian accents, so it is the perfect choice for those wishing to learn this particular dialect or who already have a good grasp of Spanish and want to further develop their language skills.

8. The House of Flowers (La Casa de Papel)

Explores what happens when the body of a man’s lover is discovered at his own engagement party.

This Spanish series was so successful that it generated a movie spin-off of the same name earlier this year.

Build your Spanish language muscles while relaxing in front of this seriously addictive series that follows the fortunes of a rich and famous family that aren’t all they see.

9. The Queen of Flow (La Reina del Flow)

A Colombian 82-episode thriller that’s all about the life of a wrongly imprisoned song writer. When she is finally released after 17 years, she sets out to bring down those responsible for her time in prison and for the murder of her family. At the same time, the main character must battle with the fact that her former lover stole her notebook full of songs that he then used to make himself rich.

10. Locked Up (Vis a Vis)

It is a thrilling combination of Orange Is the New Black, Money Heist, and Breaking Bad. Macarena Ferreiro is framed for financial fraud and becomes an inmate in a Spanish high-security prison.

The show is filled with romance, violence, and drama inside and outside of the prison walls. It challenges sensitive contemporary topics, such as homophobia and racism.

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