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Spanish Classes Denver

"A different language is a different vision of life"

Federico Fellini 

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¡Hola! Learn Spanish in Denver, CO! 

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Thank you for considering taking Spanish classes with me. I aspire to offer a learning experience that makes you feel confident about achieving your goals. Together we will discover the best way to personalize my teaching methods to your individual way of learning. As a Spanish teacher, I draw from my personal experience of speaking a second language. I understand the process, how it feels and what it takes to master a new language. 

My teaching philosophy is to guide you in this journey with patience, compassion and kindness,  allowing you to grow at your own pace.


Full Spanish Immersion

I am a native Spanish speaker, which gives me a deep understanding of the cultural implication of using Spanish. From slangs to cultural do’s and don’ts, my goal is to make you comfortable using Spanish. An important element in the process of learning Spanish is learning the culture. By directly connecting and interacting with me, you will have complete access to this level of knowledge. Spanish immersion means you will be learning to use the language as a native.

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I started working with Dannia in January of 2023. I have been wanting to learn Spanish for a number of years now & had some experience from high school, but that was a LONG time ago :). Dannia is a patient, knowledgable, resourceful and fun teacher. I love that she uses multiple different methods for teaching including a great textbook, videos, games and homework. She has so many resources & recommendations on her webpage, it is an amazing collection of learning tools! I look forward to each of my lessons and feel like I am progressing and learning at a really good pace. I have already recommended her to some family friends who are hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and want to have some travelers' basics before going. I would recommend her highly for anyone who is interested in learning Spanish, you will not be disappointed with Dannia as a teacher!!

— Laura, Beginner Spanish
Denver, CO
April 2023

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Spanish Immersion Denver

Private Spanish Lessons

Whether you are brand new to Spanish classes and have an interest in learning Spanish or if you have taken Spanish classes in high school or college before and need to refresh your knowledge, these Spanish classes are what you need. You will be on the right path to learn conversational Spanish!

Conversational Spanish Classes

Learn conversational Spanish in these fun classes! Take the most popular Spanish speaking classes in Denver, enrich your Spanish  vocabulary

and enlarge your range of expressions. As a native Spanish speaker, I can teach you the ins and outs of the Spanish language. Something that a book or an app can't do!

To learn conversational Spanish, you need to go beyond grammar and vocabulary. Conversational Spanish classes are about learning the Hispanic culture as well. We will have fun talking our classes away!

Conversational Spanish classes are offered in-person, I also offer Spanish conversation online, the most conveniente and affordable way to take Spanish classes!

Spanish Classes

If you are more comfortable in a one-on-one setting then private Spanish classes are for you.

We will learn Spanish together and I will adapt my program to go at a pace that is comfortable for you. I will also provide you with extra materials that will support your learning process.


Online Spanish, Spanish Online, Online Spanish Lessons, Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish

Online Spanish classes feature all the benefits of in-person Spanish classes. You will learn Spanish with me, a native speaking teacher and will have live lessons, where we can interact in real-time. Online Spanish is not self-taught, I will lead the Spanish lessons and provide support as we go through the exercises. 


This is a completely interactive, virtual learning environment for you to learn. This level of interaction is what sets my online Spanish classes apart from traditional online Spanish classes offered by colleges, universities, institutes and language centers.


Online Spanish classes are all about flexibility, it is the most convenient and practical way of learning Spanish. Spanish online is also the most economical option to learn Spanish and will offer you the same results.

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Spanish for Travelers

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Spanish Now

Spanish Now

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