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Dannia & The Language of Connection in Women For One's Truthteller Stories

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

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I'm honored to be featured as the Truthteller of the Day at Women For One. My story is part of their daily inspiration from courageous women worldwide! I am profoundly grateful to know that my words resonated with them. This article is about my life journey, about how I ended up living in the U.S. and became an entrepreneur. Most importantly, about how by creating ¡Hola! Learn Spanish and teaching this beautiful language, I have made deep and meaningful connections with others.

I am a true believer in the forces of life, they are so powerful and will guide us towards who we are really meant to be. If we truly listen and are willing to trust the process and let go, then we will discover what life had in store for us all along. I hope my words in the article resonate with you as well and that it inspires you to look within. I invite you to read the story here.

In gratitude,

Dannia, Spanish Teacher

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