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Do you love to travel?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

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If the answer is yes, then you know that traveling is such a rewarding experience that enriches our minds and souls. When we are able to sumerge in another culture and fully engage in a new world, it makes the experience much more meaningful. Even if we aren't fluent in the language spoken, the fact that we are trying to speak in a foreign language, with mistakes and all, it is also part of the experience of traveling. I am sure you have a few anecdotes of the times you were communicating in another language, that are now fun memories of your travels.

As a Spanish teacher, one of the most common questions that I am asked is, if there is a significant difference in the Spanish that is spoken in different countries, to the point people aren't going to be able to understand each other. The answer is no. However, considering that there are twenty countries that speak Spanish, there are going to be some differences. This will mainly impact Spanish vocabulary, for example, some countries call avocados "aguacates" and others call them "paltas". But, when it comes to grammar, we have one important difference. Spain is the only country that uses the pronoun "vosotros" (you-all), which subsequently comes with its own conjugation of verbs. Other than that, I can assure you, if you are studying Spanish, you will be able to communicate with no problems.

I recently learned about a program called Remote Year, that allows you to work remotely and travel the world. I thought it would be helpful information to share on this blog, in case you haven't heard about it. One of my students is enrolled in this program and she will be traveling throughout South America and Mexico for four months. This is why she decided to start taking my course Spanish Classes for Travelers, in preparation for her adventure. She hasn't started to travel yet and we have been having a lot of fun in our Spanish classes already!

If you have an upcoming trip and want to learn or refresh your Spanish, it might be a good and fun idea to sign up for a Spanish for Travelers class. Or, if you would like to learn Spanish on your own, I would recommend the following Spanish phrasebooks to get you started: Lonely Planet Latin American Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary and Berlitz Mexican Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary. You will learn basic expressions that will help you get around a city. These are books that I find very useful and practical, that you can easily take with you in your trip. I hope your travel adventures take you somewhere fun!

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In gratitude,

Dannia, Spanish Teacher

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