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15 True Cognates About Coronavirus in Spanish!

Updated: Jul 19

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True cognates are a great allied when learning Spanish. As a Spanish teacher, I recommend my students to expand their vocabulary by identifying true cognates between English and Spanish. It is a fun way to learn Spanish and it also offers great insight regarding the similarities of both languages. If you want to learn more about this topic, I invite to read my blog "Don't Know Spanish Words? Think Again!", in which, I focus on this subject.

The topic of every hour of the day is Coronavirus, so I am providing you with a list of 15 true cognates that you can easily add to your Spanish vocabulary:

coronavirus = coronavirus

virus = virus

viral = viral

quarantine = cuarentena

confinement = confinamiento

pandemic = pandemia

epidemic = epidemia

crisis = crisis

medical personnel = personal medico

diagnosis = diagnóstico

patients = pacientes

cases = casos

symptoms = síntomas

information = información

social distancing = distanciamiento social

Finding what both languages have in common is a fun and motiving way to learn Spanish. Hope you found this helpful and happy learning!

¡Hasta la vista amigos!

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